State University Library Catalogers

Strategic Direction


Respond to the needs of all State University Libraries’ constituents with collaborative and innovative practices


Facilitate speedier and ever wider access to the resources available to our user communities and keep the official record of the holdings of the State University Libraries


  • Provide accurate metadata to ensure user success
  • Assure uniformity of names and subjects to benefit the end user’s discovery experience in next-generation library catalogs
  • Perform subject analysis to facilitate effective searching
  • Classify related material together to allow for subject browsing as well as to support collection analysis and development
  • Offer convenient full-text access when available
  • Expose hidden collections to make transparent the extent of our resources
  • Create and maintain the inventory of the SUL’s collections
  • Continually review workflows and apply state-of-the-art technology to maximize efficiency
  • Adhere to internationally accepted metadata standards to make possible data-sharing and data-migration
  • Participate in resource sharing cataloging cooperatives to increase productivity and cost-savings

    Formally and unanimously adopted at Cataloging Summit, Oct. 2, 2009.