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Our International Documents are mostly made up of reports by foreign government agencies or parliaments, statistics, legislation, and censuses. They can be a report on a new archaeological dig in China, the history of the Pan American highway, the London terror bombings or statistics on nearly any topic you can name! The International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) add worldwide data about human rights, migration, indigenous rights, communications, innovation and technology, ocean currents and politics of water. Green Library also houses a United Nations Depository Library. That does not mean that we have every UN agency form or conference report, but we DO have an infinite variety of historical and current information about the world, the United Nations and world issues. The UN investigates nearly every topic from architecture to development issues, from abortion policies to the World's Women.

United States

The Green Library at Florida International University has been a selective Federal Depository Library since 1972. We receive government publications distributed through the U.S. Federal Depository Library Program. Our collection maintains over 2 million documents, which contain materials in a variety of formats such as, paper, microfiche, microfilm, electronic and web resources. Public access to the collection is guaranteed by Federal Depository Law. The general public is welcome to use the collection while in the library. There are no restrictions on use or access to the collection, but a fee is charged for photocopying and printing of materials. Public terminals are provided to access online electronic publications and electronic databases.


FIU's Green Library receives all public documents distributed by the State Library of Florida through the Florida Public Documents Depository Program (FPDDP). Green Library became a state depository for Florida documents in 1976. However, the collection does include some earlier materials such as the "Minutes of the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund" that began in 1855. Currently, many of the Library's state documents are unavailable in the online catalog so please visit the Government Documents Department to see what "jewels" we have.