Services and Resources

Functional Areas

Desktop Support and User Services

  • Manage 700+ computers: public PCs, staff PCs/laptops, nearly 200 checkout-laptops, and e-devices
  • Manage majority of Technology Fee projects
  • Virtual desktops
  • BBC library user services
  • GIS IT needs

Web, Database, and Software Development

  • Library website
  • Other library web-based projects
  • LDAP & authentication services
  • Customized programming for other library services

Infrastructure (servers, network, SAN, backup, etc.)

  • Manage 50 physical servers, 25 virtual servers (Linux and Windows)
  • Network infrastructure (switches, firewalls & security, connectivity, etc.)
  • SAN setup (connections to servers, allocation of space configuration, etc.)
  • Backup data, create backup tapes, storage