GALLERY AT GREEN LIBRARY Eleke: Sacred Beaded Regalia of the Orisha

Running from November to December, 2013 the Gallery at Green Library will be featuring a colorful assortment of beaded works by artists Alexander Fernandez and Martin Tsang in Eleke: Sacred Beaded Regalia of the Orisha.  Coinciding with the exhibit will be a lecture from FIU Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Dennis Wiedman.
From the artists, "The pieces on display are examples of Afro-Cuban religious beadwork from the Lukumi orisha tradition. They are a mix of items that we have made ourselves, and some that have been inherited and handed down by elders. They are all items that are fully consecrated and used ritually, normally located in private, household shrines for the orishas. It is a rare opportunity for these items to be viewed by the public."

Although the pieces on display are not for sale, the artists do make beadwork for the Lukumi/Orisha community on a commission basis. Contact the artists with any inquiries at:

LECTURE INFO:ELEKE: Adorning the Divine
A Discussion on Lukumi Sacred Material Culture

Monday, December 2, 2013
5:30pm - 8pm
Green Library, Modesto A. Maidique Campus

for more information and details, please visit the Gallery at Green Library online
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