Join Us for GIS Day March 29th!

This Friday, March 29th the FIU Libraries will be hosting its 2013 GIS Day. 

The theme for this year’s GIS Day is “GeoHumanities: Drawing New Connections in Time & Space”.  Join the FIU GIS Center + Map & Imagery User Services (MIUS) for a fun-filled, single-day mini-conference of:
  • guest lectures by visiting and FIU’s own GIS experts
  • a hands-on workshop focusing on GIS and US Census datas
  • an all-day display of GIS posters
  • a student poster competition for FIU and non-FIU students
  • GIS/map games
Full details, events schedules and other info are available at the links below.  

Green Library GIS Day Event Schedule & Information:
Hubert Library GIS Day Event Schedule & Information:

What is the event about?
GIS Day is about providing an engaging, discourse-generating forum for people to discuss the technology, applications, and power of Geographic Information systems (GIS). GIS represents a relatively new set of technologies that are rapidly changing our world by creating a heightened geographic/spatial consciousness. Natural and social scientists, decision-makers, and the general public are increasingly engaging and expanding the potential of GIS to improve the way human beings interact with planet Earth. It’s a very exciting time, with some even positing that global society is collectively undergoing a geospatial revolution. Here at FIU, we’re celebrating GIS with a range of activities, including guest lectures, multiple workshop sessions, GIS/map games, an all-day poster-viewing session, and a student poster competition. We’ve essentially planned a one-day, multi-site (MMC & BBC) mini-conference!

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