New Policies In Effect for Food/Drinks & Quiet Areas

In response to your feedback, received during the Spring Semester LibQUAL+ survey, the library will re-institute food and drink policies and put into effect a new quiet floor/noise policy, beginning Monday, May 20, 2013.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGES:  Food and beverages are not permitted above the ground floor of the Libraries at both the Green and Hubert Libraries. Only closed water containers will be allowed above the first floor.
  • NOISE: In the Green Library, only quiet conversation will be allowed on the second floor.  Only whispered conversations will be permitted on the fourth & fifth floors and in the elevators.  On the third, sixth and seventh floors, silence must be observed.  In the Hubert Library, only quiet conversation will be allowed on the first floor, whispered conversation on the second floor and silence on the third floor must be observed.  The group study rooms will be changed to only allow quiet conversation. 
For more information/details, please refer to the Libraries' Building Use Policy.  Help us keep it quiet and clean, feel free to report any complaints or issues by texting (305)240-6585

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