Snapshot Day 2013 : The Results!

Yet again, the Library Paparazzi was out and about on Library Snapshot Day, capturing all the behind-the-scenes action as well as the everyday hustle-and-bustle of your FIU Libraries.  Check out what we captured... head below to view the slideshow, to see a collection of our best comments, and view our statistics for the day.


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  • People in the Buildings:  8,623 (av.)
    Green Library - 7,228
    Hubert Library - 1,395
  • Total Items Checked Out: 1,790
    Includes Books, Reserve Items, Laptops/Devices, etc
  • How Many Reference Questions Asked: 230
    Green Library - 189
    Hubert Library - 41
  • What Library Classes Were Taught?
    Ransom Everglades, British Literature
  • Database/Article Searches: 7,466
  • Items Ordered: 43 (av)
  • Items Cataloged: 141
  • Records Batch Loaded: 199
  • Metadata Records Created: 15
  • URLs Edited: 54
  • Books Labeled: 37
  • Titles Ordered: 41
  • Titles Received: 150
 Your thoughts & comments... We asked, How does the library help you?:
  • "The quiet study areas facilitate my concentration whenever I need to do (homework) or study for tests"
  • "Helps me get A's.  Helps me concentrate.  I love the quiet study areas because they help me focus.  They are always clean and comfortable."
  • "(They) are always ready to help you at any time!"
  • "It's a great place to study and has a lot of resources like laptops and books"
  • "Laptop rentals and great help and access"
  • "Study and hang with friends"
  • "Studying and fulfilling my needs as a student"
  • "Online research, study space, computers, veg-out time, physical books when necessary for research papers"
  • "It helps me to study since it is quiet.  It helps me find books to do research for assignments"
  • "It is helpful 'specially with all the databases that are easier to access through the Internet"
  • "The library is helpful because I can rent a laptop"
  • "Free iPads to borrow; Great atmosphere to study"
  • "Provides study areas.  Computer loans are awesome.  Online resources are the best."
  • "Having documents readily available to learn and study things for free are perhaps the most important tools any living human being can have.  Without it I'd be uneducated."
  • "I have never used the library and its facility but I believe that they're very helping and I will be sure to be in one"
  • "It provides me with a quiet place to work either by myself or with classmates.  I feel I'm most productive when I'm in the library"
  • "Helps me when I need to study in peace."
  • "The library is very helpful as far as renting laptops out.  It is also a great quiet place to study and get away on campus."
  • "The laptop rentals are very helpful and the staff is always helpful and friendly."
  • "It helps with writing strategies, locating books, and handling any issues or questions I may have."
  • "The study room helps a lot. I like to get together with a group to study for midterms or finals."
  • "It is a place where I could go and study or get work done in quiet."
  • "The library is a place where one can come to reflect and meet with people.  Have access to books."
  • "Study groups and reserved rooms; research"
  • "They library staff is always very nice and helpful; they always help me solve whatever problem I might have in a very prompt manner."
  • "the library helps me by providing a great quiet place to study and they have a really great coffee machine!"
  • "to study and focus on class work"
  • "It gives gives me a break from traffic."
  • "It helps me by providing laptops, Macs, and iPads, etc."
  • "They help with directing me to resources, explain the best databases to use, and are just Awesome...!"

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