Snapshot Day: The Results

The Library Paparazzi was out and about on Library Snapshot Day, capturing behind-the-scenes action as well as the everyday hustle-and-bustle of FIU Libraries.  Check out what we captured, below...And head below the slideshow to see a collection of our best comments.

STATISTICS (for 11/02/2011):
  • People in the buildings:  9,108
    GL- 7,225
    HL- 1,883
  • Laptop loans: 610
  • All loans: 2,518
  • Book records loaded: 263 
  • Books Processed: 108 
  • Books/Videorecordings Cataloged: 65 
  • E-book records loaded: 7037 
  • Name headings corrected: 44 
  • Subject headings corrected: 31 
  • New/revised authority records: 11 
  • Resolved authorship for authors with the same names: 6 
  • Prepared report for deletion of superseded series records: 1287 
  • New/revised metadata records for the Frost Art Museum digital collection: 25

QUESTION: How Does the Library Help You?
  • "Getting studying done is made easy.  I can grab a coffee, meet with my friends, or have my own quiet time."
  • The library helps me find reliable information for projects and gives me entertainment through reading"
  • "John in Reserves is always patient" 
  • "Laptops!  I love the Macs!  I don't carry a laptop in a heavy bag anymore!  YEAH!"
  • "I love the AC!  I don't have AC in my house or car!"
  • "I am a work study student (in the library), the work environment has been an enriching experience" - JL
  • "The library helps me do research, helps me check out laptops, and even helps me study by having silent floors"
  • "Honestly, without the library I would have failing grades.  From the access to the printers to the assistance from the librarians themselves,  it is a great resource."
  • "The library is a great place to work and hang out"  - KG 
  • "Love the bright furniture, it's so fun.  Just need a coffee shop (at BBC)"
  • "I always use 'ASK,' I wish it was there at night"
  • "I love the new room where we sit down and get help"
  • "The library has several means of helping an individual.  Many use it as a place to gather information resources for their studies or write a paper.  Some many use it as a place to do homework or just get some last minute work in.  The library is an extremely useful place."
  • "It's the perfect, quiet place to study.  (I can) check out laptops and electronics and do research projects and papers."
  • "The library is extremely important to me.  It is the place I go to study and it keeps me from distractions.  It provides the Internet and printing options when necessary and is essential to my studying habits"
  • "the hours are good.  I... like that U R open til 1am"
  • "The student workers are always smiling"
  • "the library helps me to relax and have a private place for me to study hard and maybe even read/check out a book"

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