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  • Can I pick up a movie that is on reserve by one of my professors?Yes you can!  The Sound & Image reserves desk is located on the 5th floor of the Green Library or at the 1st floor Service Desk  at Hubert Library. 
  • How do I use Citation Linker?It helps you find the full text of articles. When doing research, you often find a citation or maybe an abstract, of an article in a database but the text of the article isn’t included. CitationLinker and its associated tools (360Link, eJournal Portal, Find it) will let you check all the other library full text resources to see if you can get the article either in a different database or in the library’s print or microform periodicals.
  • How do I configure Google Scholar to display Find It @ FIU links?
    Click on Scholar Preferences in Google Scholar (; Type Florida International  University in the "Library Links" section; Save your preferences; Start Searching!
  • Does the library own every article in a database?When you are using a database, you will notice that there are articles that will include the full text.  Other articles will only have the citation information or abstract available.  For those articles with only citation information, you must click on the  'Find it @ FIU' button/link  in order to be sure we don't have the article full text in another database or in print. 
  • How do I find scholarly peer-reviewed articles?
    Most of our databases have an option to limit your search results to either scholarly, peer-reviewed, or refereed articles.  For example, when searching Academic OneFile, you can limit your results to peer-reviewed publications either before searching or after getting your results.

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