Enter the "Hot Pepper Shakespeare" Contest on Feb. 1!

Calling brave volunteers! On February 1, the Green Library will host Hot Pepper Shakespeare, a fun event to kick off the First Folio's appearance, and we're looking for volunteers who will:

1. Eat a hot pepper (options will range from slightly spicy to insane)
2. Read a monologue/soliloquy/sonnet/or other short Shakespeare passage in its entirety with emotion and depth while suffering from the “slings and arrows of outrageous” amounts of capsaicin.

No milk, bread, whipped cream, ice cream, or other salve shall be administered until the passage is complete. Liven up this “winter of our discontent” with a fun event! The contest will take place in the Green Library at 1pm. Email Alvin Dantes at aldantes@fiu.edu with questions or to volunteer.


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