A Granddaughter Discovers Her Grandather's Legacy

Denise Ciparro has been a mission - to find a copy of her grandather's lost novel. Felipe San Pedro wrote "Las Gafas del Gato y Otras Gaferias" in 1973, and Ciparro had spent months searching for the novel. Since her both her grandfather and Armintano, the original publisher who had published the book in Caracas, had both passed away, it was nearly impossible for her to find a copy. She contacted Harvard, but although the book was marked as in their system, there was no copy available. Finally, she found the book in the FIU Library catalog as an "in-process" title. After contacting the library, librarian Holly Morganelli took the project on, and had the book rush processed and set aside for her. Last week, Ciparro was able to travel from Fort Lauderdale to finally see it. She'll be the first in her family to read it!

Photo credit: Holly Morganelli


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