Meet Ana Correa, a Mango Languages Power User!

Meet Ana Correa - a Mango Languages power user!  You may recognize Ana from reading her blog posting on the The David Project or reading about Ana's internship in FIU News and in  Ana used the library database Mango Languages to apply for the United Nations Youth Global Forum.

Originally from Colombia, Ana came to the United States at the age of 10.  She remembers training her ear to pick up words in English by watching American television and listening to music.  She applied these same skills to her independent study of French.

Why French?  Last summer Ana did an internship with blueEnergy in Nicaragua.  Along with American interns there were a number of interns from France.  All of the interns were required to learn Spanish but since Ana is fluent in Spanish, she decided to learn French.  During her internship she used Mango Languages to learn basic phrases and used the opportunity to practice French with her supervisor.

Ana studied French using Mango Languages on her commute to and from FIU.  She used the time on the bus and in the car to practice pronunciation and spelling.  Seeing and hearing French words via Mango Languages helped her to make connections to understand that the sentence structure in French is very similar to Spanish.  With time, Ana was able to construct sentences and thus write an essay in French to apply for the Many Languages, One World, 2016 Student Essay Contest.

Using the same skills she learned at age 10, Ana has started to listen to French music in order to train her ear.  She is hoping to continue her study in order to read young adult novels and become more fluent in conversation.  

Ana will be doing a study abroad in France, Belgium, Austria, and Germany this summer.  She will be putting her French to good use and has started to learn basic greetings in German. 

Why Mango Languages?  Ana likes that Mango Languages is easy to use and provides cultural and historical context to the languages.  She feels that if you can't take a language class, Mango Languages is a nice alternative in that it provides a holistic approach to language learning.

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