Notes from BBC: A Partnership with Career Services

April Lafferty joined the FIU Libraries team early this summer, working as a librarian at the Hubert Library at the Biscayne Bay Campus. Not one to let grass grow under her feet, she's already partnered with the Career and Talent Development (CTD) Department at BBC in order to raise awareness about library resources.

April, tell us more about this partnership!

We are doing a series of workshops in which we target specific populations of job seekers. A representative from CTD tells about the basics of what it’s like to work in that field and I show students how to research to prepare themselves. I talk about how to find careers, how to search for companies and industries, how to interview, etc. We have done two so far and students have been very enthusiastic. To aide with these workshops and also as a tool for CTD employees to use, I have created a LibGuide. The guide breaks down the resources under different topics, including general career information, specific resources for majors at the BBC campus, careers resources by type, fast growing careers, and more. I have also been purchasing career related books to enhance our collection at BBC. I have a list of the ones we have already acquired on the guide. Finally, I am planning on doing a “Train the Trainer” workshop for the career counselors in CTD. This workshop is to make them aware of some of the career resources that the library has to offer so they are better prepared to assist students and alumni.

 Why do you think this project is important?

This project is important because it is helping to spread awareness about library resources to students and employees at FIU who otherwise wouldn’t know about them.

 What do you most want students to know about the Hubert Library?

Aside from the fact that there are tons of resources that are here specifically for students to help in all aspects of their job searches, there are trained librarians here to show them where they are and to assist in any way possible.

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