Library Space: your story #MyFIULibrary

The Green Library and the Hubert Library are some of the most popular buildings/spaces on their respective campuses.  It's no secret though, that sometimes the Libraries can get packed and that you can feel like there's not enough space to go around.  The FIU Libraries want to hear your stories.  They can be love stories - how much you love the library, the view, the resources, the group study spaces, the librarians and staff, the computers, the quiet.  Or they can be tales of suspense and frustration - you spend late nights studying but you'd like the library to open later, you have trouble finding available computers, the group study rooms are always booked, have you ever had to "MacGyver" a study space?  We want you to help us collect your stories by sharing your pics, Tweets, comments, suggestions, and more about YOUR FIU LIBRARY using #MyFIULibrary.

We'll be adding any new photos or comments to the collection we've started over at:

Also, take a quick, anonymous survey about your favorite place to study!



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