New Printing + Scanning Options!

Printing and scanning just got easier! 

You now have multiple options for sending print jobs and multiple payment options, all on new machines! 

Printing can be done using any library computer/laptop; via email; via USB; through cloud document storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive); or through the free PrintMe app. 

And machines now take credit/debit cards!  No need to purchase a copy card if you've left your FIU One Card at home or if you are an FIU Visitor -  just use a credit/debit card. 

Scans can also be saved to USB and are FREE; Remember we also have free-to-use high-quality Book-eye Scanners that scan to PDF, in color or b/w, to email or USB.

Need help or have questions?   ...just Ask Us

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