FirstSearch databases access problems

In addition to the problems with accessing the CSA databases, we currently do not have access to our FirstSearch per-Search databases. This is a problem on Solinet's end and they are working to fix it, however, they did say that it could as long as Monday to fix the problem.

The databases we are unable to access are:

1. AltPress Index
2. AltPress Index Archive
3. Arts and Humanities Search
4. BasicBIOSIS
5. GeoBase

CSA databases access problems

FYI, there is a problem accessing some of the CSA databases funded by FCLA.
The ones we are currently unable to access are:

1. Aerospace and High Technology
2. Agriculture and Enviorn. Biotechnology Abs.
3. ANTE- Abstracts in New Technologies and Engineering
4. Bioengineering Abs
5. High Technology Research database
6. Medical and Pharm. Biotech. Abs


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