UPDATE: phone line now back up, business as usual

Green Library (UP) Ref. Desk Main Phone Line Down
The Green Library Reference Desk main phone (305-348-2454) is not working. Telecommunications is aware of the problem, however, it may take up to 24 hours to repair.

Please call the alternate number, 305-348-1239, if you need to contact the
desk, or refer to the IM Chat or Ask-a-Librarian services:

FIU Library Map and Imagery User Service (MIUS)
MIUS is an extension of the Library GIS-RS Center... the Center provides the FIU teaching and research community with both digital and printed collections of maps and imageries; facilitates the access, visualization, and output of government and other non-profit organization produced digital scanned maps and geo-spatial data; provides a technology platform to utilize cartographic materials in the digital age; and works with faculty and instructors to integrate geospatial and statistical data into relevant classes and coursework.

DATABASE TRIALS: CCO & Historical Statistics of the United States

Cambridge Companions Online (CCO) from Cambridge University Press.
CCO is a major new online resource for the humanities. There are nearly 250 titles available in 3 packages: The Complete Companions Collection, The Literature and Classics Companion Collection, and The Philosophy, Religion and Culture Companions Collection.

The trial can be accessed at:
and will be active through October 9.