Library Collections

Collection Summary

The University Libraries’ collections comprise over 1.7 million volumes, access to over 27,000 serials titles and an increasing variety of multimedia resources including DVDs, videotapes, audio books and digital collections representing a variety of subjects. Librarians work closely with faculty to select materials to support the teaching and research needs of the university.

Collection Growth

The data in the table below shows growth over the last five years of various segments of the University Libraries' Collections.

Collection Groups Total Current Holdings 5-Year Increase
All Electronic Titles 329313 209736
Electronic Journals 80082 71472
Electronic Books 140310 82349
Engineering Library Services 196 47
Green Library General 733860 96675
Green Library Sound & Image 107214 5747
Green Library Curriculum 16712 1372
Green Library Documents 348192 22458
Green Library Special Collections 29722 7232
Hubert Library Audiovisual 7811 2791
Hubert Library General 213811 12131
Hubert Library Documents 118483 37
Reserves GL & HL 1123 594

Digital Collections

Please see the Digital Collections Center for additional details about our electronic resources.