Circulation and Borrowing Policies

Loan Periods

General Collection Books & Most Government Documents

Renewals may not exceed renewal limits listed below. For continued use after the renewal limit, materials must be returned to the library to begin the check-out cycle again.

Patron TypeOriginal CheckoutAdditional RenewalsRenewal Limits*
Undergraduate Students30 days30 days2 renewals
Certificate Program Students30 days30 days1 renewal
Graduate, PhD, Honors College Students120 days120 days2 renewals
FIU Faculty (current, adjunct)365 days365 days1 renewals
FIU Retired Faculty120 days120 days2 renewals
FIU Employees120 days120 days2 renewals
FIU Alumni30 days30 days1 renewal
Library Associates30 days30 days1 renewal
High School Student Program30 days30 days1 renewal
State Universities of Florida: Students, Faculty, Employees30 days30 days2 renewals
Community Colleges of Florida: Students, Faculty, Employees30 days30 days1 renewal
SEFLIN and other Consortium Members30 days30 days1 renewal
University of Miami Faculty, PhD Students30 days30 days1 renewal

Fines, Fees, and Other Charges Owed to the Library

ItemFines & Overdue Charges
Books, General Collection25 cents per day
Sound and Image (all formats)25 cents per day
Course Reserves (Books, Audiovisuals, Newspapers, etc.)$2.00 per hour
Laptop Computers and Accessories$30 per hour (or part thereof)
iPads$30 per hour (or part thereof)
Keys for Group Study Rooms, Individual Study Rooms, Music Listening Roomsup to $30 per hour (or part thereof)
Beepers for Laptops and Group Study Rooms$30 per hour (or part thereof)
Interlibrary Loan25 cents per day
Account blocked if overdueReplacement charges if lost or damaged
  • An invoice for materials overdue in excess of 30 days will be issued with a minimum charge of $105.00 for replacement related costs. Library privileges will be blocked until the material has been returned or the invoice paid.The library will not credit the replacement charge for items returned 90 days or more after the charge has been assessed.
  • Library Fines for most overdue materials are 25 cents per day per item. Exceptions include but are not limited to Course Reserves, Laptops, and Group Study Rooms.
  • Library circulation privileges may be blocked if materials are more than 30 days overdue. Exceptions are laptops, accessories, and group study rooms which may result in the account being blocked after the item is 24 hours overdue.
  • You may check your PantherSoft Account to view library fines, fees, and charges. If you have questions, please contact the Circulation Desk at 305-348-2451 and ask to speak with staff regarding library charges.

Payments of Fines, Fees, and Charges

The Library is not authorized to issue override requests for fines and other money owed to the Library. Library accounts must be settled before registering for classes, obtaining transcripts, etc.

Payment must be made to the University Cashier's Office in the Charles Perry Building on the Modesto A. Maidique Campus or to the University Cashier's Office in the Academic-One Building on the Biscayne Bay Campus. Call (305) 348-2126 or (305) 919-5540 for hours payment may be received. The FIU Libraries do not accept payment in the library for overdue fines or replacement charges.

Payment by check is to be mailed to:

FIU Cashier's Office PC-120, Modesto A. Maidique Campus Florida International University Tamiami Trail Miami, FL 33199

Confidentiality of Circulation Records

Please be assured that your patron record, which contains personal information and a record of all materials currently checked out, is confidential. [more...]

Your FIU I.D. card is required in order to check out library materials.  We require two forms of ID for device/equipment check outs (laptops, iPads, eReaders, etc.).  A valid FIU One Card and government-issued ID must be present.

Borrowing Privileges

FIU students must be registered for classes in the current semester and have a current FIU One Card to borrow materials, otherwise borrowing privileges are not provided. Graduate students performing thesis and dissertation research must be registered if only for this purpose.

FIU faculty and staff must be currently employed by FIU and present their FIU One Card to borrow materials. Adjunct faculty must be currently employed during the semester to have library privileges.

FIU Alumni are eligible for borrowing privileges with their FIU One Card, with the exception of Course Reserves and electronic devices.  No longer have your card?  Just request a Library Card at the Circulation desk of the library and you'll be able to check out materials again.  

Florida Public University and Community College students, faculty and staff are eligible for borrowing privileges with a valid ID from their home institution.

Students and Faculty from participating SEFLIN institutions with a current SEFLIN access card from their home institution may have borrowing privileges.

Access to Licensed Online Databases is allowed only for current FIU employees and currently registered FIU students. FIU Students must be registered for the semester for licensed database access. Members of the general public and other non-FIU patrons may have access to online licensed databases while on-site and visiting the Green Library (MMC) and the Hubert Library (BBC). Due to contractual arrangements with the vendors of licensed databases, off-campus online access is limited to current FIU employees and currently registered FIU students.

Members of the General Public are welcome to use library resources within the libraries and may have borrowing privileges by purchasing annual membership in the Library Associates program.

FIU Affiliates such as visiting faculty and participants in special programs may be eligible for borrowing privileges. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.

Library Card Use

  • Your FIU One Card is your Library card
  • The library card holder assumes the responsibility for all materials charged to the library card, and is responsible for replacement related costs for lost, stolen or damaged items. Lending or giving a book or material you have borrowed from the FIU Libraries or from Interlibrary Loan to someone else does not remove you from being responsible for that material.
  • Lost or stolen library cards should be reported immediately to the Circulation Desk. The library card holder has the responsibility to prevent use by anyone other than the holder. Once the loss or theft of the library card is reported to the Circulation Desk, the library card will be immediately blocked against further use. To obtain a new FIU One Card, contact the I.D. Office.

Loan Time for Other Collections

  • Course Reserve materials circulate for either 2 hours (in-library use only), 24 hours, or 3 days. Overdue fines accrue at the rate of $1.00 per hour. Course Reserve materials must be returned to the campus location where they were checked out. Returning Course Reserve materials to the originating campus location is the responsibility of the borrower. All Course Reserve materials that have a 2-hour, 3-hour, or 4-hour loan period are due no later than 30 minutes before library closing or the due date/time provided to you at checkout.
  • Keys to group study rooms circulate for 3 hours with an overdue fine of $30.00 per hour. Laptops, and other electronic devices circulate for 4 hours with an overdue fine of $30.00 per hour. Students are limited to checking out one laptop at a time. Power cord adapters cannot be checked out without a laptop as extra adapters are not available.
  • We require two forms of ID for device/equipment check outs (laptops, iPads, eReaders, etc.).  A valid FIU One Card and state-issued ID must be present.
  • Sound and Image materials circulate for various time periods, depending upon the format of the item.
  • Other materials, such as Reference books, periodicals and other items marked "DO NOT CIRCULATE" may be used only inside the Library.

Returning & Renewing Materials

  • Renewing Materials online is possible from your library account, or in person at the Circulation Desk with the materials in hand. Renewals are not guaranteed if the material has been requested by another patron.
  • Materials may be returned to the Green Library or Biscayne Bay Campus Library. Please use the book return slot at the Circulation Desk or the outside book drop.
  • Course Reserve materials must be returned to the campus location where they were checked out. Returning Course Reserve materials to the originating campus location is the responsibility of the borrower.

*Recall Service/Placing Holds

  • Recalled materials will be held at the Circulation Desk for 7 days beginning with the date of the email notification. If unclaimed after 7 days, recalled materials will be returned to the stacks.
  • Materials checked out are subject to recall at any time, usually for use by another patron or to be placed on Reserve. You should receive a Recall Notice informing you if this occurs. If you receive a Recall Notice, please note that the due date on the notice may be different from the original due date for the material being recalled. Please return the recalled material by the new due date.
  • Recalled materials may not be renewed.