Device Checkout

Available in the Library

NOTE: As of May 13, 2013, we require two forms of ID for device/equipment check outs (laptops, iPads, eReaders, etc.).  A valid FIU One Card and government-issued ID must be presented.

Devices circulate for 4 hours with an overdue fine of $30.00 per hour--except where noted.

CategoryTechnology Available for Loan





  • Dell Laptops
  • Macbooks
    • All laptops provide:

      The following actions are not permitted:

        • Wireless connectivity
        • Printing directly to library photocopiers and printers
        • Power adaptors (power adaptors are not available for checkout without a laptop)
        • Ability to transfer files to flashdrives
        • Saving files or data to the hard drive (prohobited due to copyright laws and virus protection)
        • Downloading of programs, music, movies, etc.
        • Physical altering of the device

  • Extended loan laptops - a limited number of Dell laptops are available for three-day loan
    .  Wireless connectivity to personal account permitted

        Files may be saved on these computers

Tablets (24 Hour Loan)
  • iPad 2 & 3
  • Kindle Fire (1st Generation)
Computer Accessories and Components
  • Mice
  • Flashdrives (various storage capacities available)
  • Headphones
  • Cables
  • USB-B (mini) - Used to connect devices to a computer--can alternatively be used to charge some cell phones, digital cameras and other devices.
  • VGA - Connects laptops and other devices via a VGA port to external displays: projectors, specially equipped televisions, etc.
E-Readers (14 Day Loan)
  • Kindle 3 (Keyboard)
  • Kindle Touch
  • Basic Calculators
  • Business Calculator (Model: BA-II Plus)
  • Scientific Calculators (Models: TI-84, TI-84 Silver Plus)
  • Graphing Calculators (Model: TI-84 Plus CE)
Miscellaneous Devices
  • GPS Devices
  • Power Strips for multi-outlet needs
  • Flipcams
    • About a dozen flip cameras are available during the Fall Semester for projects in conjunction with the Freshman Experience Seminar class (SLS-1501). If you wish to borrow a flipcam during the Spring or Summer semesters, please contact Course Reserves at 305-348-3775 at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Portable DVD Players
    • Portable DVD players are available at the Green Library MMC. These players are checked out in a convenient bag containing the following items (individually checked out to your account): Portable DVD Player, A/C adapter, TV cable, Car adapter, Remote Control, and Canvas Bag.
  • Xbox Software (titles available on request)
Laptop Information

Laptop computers are available at the Circulation Desk, Biscayne Bay and Modesto A. Maidique campuses. The laptops represent a significant investment in providing University users with a technology service. Your respect for the equipment and the rights of other patrons will be appreciated. If you have any questions please ask.

  • Laptop computers are available for currently enrolled FIU students only.
  • Two forms of ID are required: a valid FIU One Card and government-issued ID must be presented.
  • Students are limited to checking out one laptop and power adapter at a time. Power adapters cannot be checked out without a laptop due to the limited supply of power adapters.
  • Laptops may be used outside the Library, however you are responsible for returning the laptop on time and in good condition.
  • The loan period is 4 hours. (Exception: extended loan laptops may be checked out for 3 days.)
  • Renewals are not guaranteed. If someone is waiting to use a laptop, you will need to relinquish the laptop for the waiting patron. You will be given a beeper for the next available unit.
  • Late charges will be imposed. Overdue fines are set at $30 per hour, until billed for replacement. Partial hours count as a full hour overdue.
  • Laptop clocks are not accurate and are not to be used to calculate due time.
  • A charge for the full replacement value will be imposed if the laptop is not returned after 24 hours from time due, or is lost or stolen.
  • If damage occurs to any components or accessories, charges will be imposed as appropriate.
  • Never leave a laptop unattended -- you are responsible for the laptop until you have returned it and it is checked in.
  • Billing charges will be assessed if the laptop is lost or stolen while checked out to you.
  • Return the laptop to a library staff member at the Circulation Desk. Do not place the laptop in the Return slot.
iPad and Tablet Policy

iPad and Tablet Checkout -- 24 Hour Loan Period

Florida International University Library has purchased a number of iPads and Kindle Fire tablets for checkout to students, faculty, and staff. In an effort to promote our mission of helping our faculty, students, and staff succeed. We see these devices providing the following benefits:

  • Exploration of innovative tools and the power of academic pursuits supplemented with technology.
  • Promote access to technology in order to enhance innovative teaching and learning methods.
  • To provide understanding and familiarity with the evolving landscape of technology within academic, business, and personal lives.

iPad and Tablet FAQ

Why can’t I download new apps to the iPad/tablet?

When our iPads go for checkout, they are removed from all iTunes accounts, and thus cannot download or update apps, free or otherwise. You are, however, welcome to create your own iTunes account and add as many apps as you like.

What about my personal data (passwords, email, etc.)?

The safest action is to remove any personal information from the device before you return it. However, each iPad and tablet will be restored to a default load upon each check in, deleting all data and apps from the previous user. The Library is not responsible for anything you put or leave on our equipment.

Who can check out iPads and tablets?

Students, faculty, and staff of the University.

NOTE: As of May 13, 2013, we require two forms of ID for device/equipment check outs (laptops, iPads, eReaders, etc.).  A valid FIU One Card and government-issued ID must be presented.

How long can I keep an iPad or tablet?

The loan period is 24 hours.

All the iPads/tablets are checked out; how can I get one?

Due to iPad/tablet quantity and demand, we cannot guarantee one will be available when you come by. All equipment is checked out on a "first come, first serve" basis.