Patron Privacy Policy

Privacy of Library Accounts & Records

The Libraries of Florida International University respect and promote the individual's right to privacy concerning use of library resources and materials. Library accounts are maintained with the highest degree of security. Information within library accounts may be used only for the purpose of providing library services. This information is not shared with any other individual, including family members. Library staff will not reveal the identify of patrons or materials checked out, except as required by law (Florida Statute Section 257.261).

Your Rights of Privacy & Confidentiality

The Rights of Privacy and Confidentiality include but are not limited to these services:

  • Materials checked out at the Circulation and Reserves Desk
  • Interlibrary Loan and Intercampus Loan
  • Reference questions, interviews, and consultations
  • Database search records
  • Use of library facilities, equipment, or services
  • Discussions with library staff concerning your account, fines, and money owed

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